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1/2 lb. Elbow Macaroni, uncooked
2 1/2 cups Miracle Whip
1/2 cup Milk
3/4 cup Onion, chopped
1/2 cup Celery, chopped
1 cup Sweet or Dill Pickle Relish
2 tbsp. Mustard


In large sausepan, cook macaroni according to
directions on package. Drain, and rinse in Cold
water, drain again. In large bowl add macaroni,
miracle whip, milk, onion, celery, relish and
mustard. Stir all together and adjust miracle whip
to taste. Refridgerate in air-tight container
until ready to use. You may have to add more milk,
before serving to make it creamy again, because
the macaroni soaks up the liquids over time.