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1 Large Pkg. Oreo Cookies
2 small boxes of Instant Chocolate Pudding mix
3 cups Cold Milk
1/2 cup Melted Butter or Margarine
1 Large Container of Cool Whip, thawed
1 Large Sealable Baggie


First, open your bag of cookies, and set 3 of them aside. Next, in the large sealable baggie, crush the rest of the bag of cookies, you do this by placing several in the baggie at a time and sealing it, then using a rolling pin or a hammer, crush the cookies. Place the already crushed cookies in a bowl and set aside. Continue until all of the cookies are crushed.

In a 13 x 9 cake pan, pour the crushed cookies all over the bottom. Next, pour the melted butter over the cookies and stir around, you may have to add either more butter or cookies, then press down to make a crust. Then set the pan aside.

In a medium bowl, pour the two packages of pudding mix and 3 cups of cold milk, mix with blender for about 2-3 minutes or until thick.

Now that your crust has set, pour all of the chocolate pudding over the crust and spread evenly. Over top of the pudding, spread more of the crushed cookies. Next evenly spread a layer of cool whip, but don't let the cookies show through!

To top it off, use the 3 whole cookies in the center, and any left over cookie crumbs can be spread around the edges! Place in fridge overnight to give the cookies time to soften! A great hot day dessert!