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This indenture made this 1st day of July in the year of our Lord 1834 between JAMES LATHIM of the first part and JAMES BIRD of the other part, both of the county of Grainger in the State of Tennessee. Witnessed that the said JAMES LATHIM for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the said JAMES BIRD, the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged hath and by these present doth grant, sell, enforce, convey, and confirm unto the said JAMES BIRD, his heirs and assigns forever a tract or parcel of land containing fifty acres be the same more or less lying and being in the county of Grainger on the north side of Holston River on the Big Ridge. Beginning at a white oak corner to NOE's and RICK's Survey thence south fifteen east crossing the road with the closing of NOE's and RICK's tract, one hundred and twenty six poles to a stake in the line of a six hundred and seventeen acre tract belonging to NOE and RICK, thence south fifty west thirty poles with their line to a hickory and red oak marked J.N.J. NOE's corner thence south fifty west with his line and one hundred and two poles to a pine and hickory, his corner thence north forty seven west fourteen poles to two hickorys from one root. J. LATHIMS corner thence north forty poles to two pines his corner the same line two poles further to a stake thence north seventy nine east sixty six poles to the beginning. With all and singular the woods, water, water course's proffits, commodities, hereditiments, and appertainances whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or in any wise appertaining to have and to hold the above described land unto the said JAMES BIRD and his heirs forever against the lawful title, interest, and demand of all and every person or persons whatsoever will warrant and forever defend by these present both in law and equity.

In Testimony where of the said JAMES LATHIM hath here unto set his hand and seal this day and date first above written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered
in presents of
John C. Adams
James Lathim Jr.
Jack (X his mark) Counts
Abe McConnel


State of Tennessee
Grainger County

Personally appeared before me Edward Tate, clerk of court for said county, Abram McConnel & Jack Counts subscribing witnesses to the within named deed who being first sworn depose and say that they are aquainted with JAMES LATHIM the bargariner and that they saw him sign and seal and execute the same for these purposes herein contained.

Registered Nov 18th 1839
Wm. M. Moody Register